Preventum Vancouver
We Work Hard to Keep You Healthy

Preventum is a new direction in medical care.We are an integrated multidisciplinary facility that is committed to delivering high quality personalized care. At Preventum we focus on maintenance of vitality, performance and health by defining how well your body is functioning, and what potential it has. We then work with you to design a targeted health plan to maximize on your health performance potential and minimize potential for illness.

At Preventum, we believe good health begins with being proactive and preventing illness rather than reacting to disease. This requires the use of a multidisciplinary team that focus upon one unique patient at a time to provide the tools and facilitate the thoughts, behaviors, and actions that will serve to maximize that individual’s health potential as well as prevent future disease and disability.

We Believe in Relationships

At Preventum, we have created one of the most comprehensive annual checkups that includes gathering of all your medical history, learning about your behaviours, risks and goals, identifying any symptoms of early illness, and  supplementing this with a complete  physical exam and advanced screening and diagnostic tools. This comprehensive exam gives us an insight into your state of health and allows our doctors and wellness team to work with you to reach your optimal performance.

Personalized Healthcare
No Stone Left Unturned
Navigating the complex healthcare environment can be challenging and knowing whether you are given the best options is even more difficult. At Preventum, we work hard to find the best resources, specialists, surgeons, complementary health services and all the available and most up-to-date private and public resources for you.
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