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Preventum is a new direction in medical care with focus on maintenance of vitality, performance and health.

At Preventum, we believe good health begins with being proactive and preventing illness rather than reacting to disease. This requires the use of a multidisciplinary team that focus upon one unique patient at a time to provide the tools and facilitate the thoughts, behaviors, and actions that will serve to maximize that individual’s health potential as well as prevent future disease and disability.

At Preventum, we also believe when faced with a health challenge, providing an accessible knowledgeable team that can promptly diagnose, treat, advocate and access the  best resources possible is pertinent to maintenance of health and stopping the progression of disease early while the probability for a cure remains the highest.
We Believe in Relationships

At Preventum, we have created one of the most comprehensive annual checkups that includes gathering of all your medical history, learning about your behaviours, risks and goals, identifying any symptoms of early illness, and  supplementing this with a complete  physical exam and advanced screening and diagnostic tools. This comprehensive exam gives us an insight into your state of health and allows our doctors and wellness team to work with you to implement proactive and preventive tools. This gives you the reassurance you need so that you can focus on other things that matter.

But also, understanding your body, spending the time to get to know you, creating long lasting relationships, learning about  your risks and behaviours allow us to diagnose and treat illnesses promptly if they were to ever to arise in the future, limiting possibility of misdiagnosis, or delayed diagnosis.

Personalized Healthcare
No Stone Left Unturned
Navigating the complex healthcare environment can be challenging and knowing whether you are given the best options is even more difficult. At Preventum, we work hard to find the best resources, specialists, surgeons, complementary health services and all the available and most up-to-date private and public resources for you.
Our Programs
Personal Care Plan

For the family on the go, young professionals and active individuals who need a streamlined service and who would like to continue enjoying their health.

Annual Executive Exam

  • 5 hour annual exam and integrated health plan
  • Head-to-toe physical exam by your doctor
  • Nutritional assessment by dietitian
  • Functional evaluation by your kinesiologist and physiotherapist
  • Annual blood work, EKG, cardiac stress test

Personal Health Concierge

  • Centralized health records
  • Health care coordination

Personal Physician

  • Intimately involved in your care 
  • Close collaboration with other health providers
  • Unhurried and comprehensive visit
  • House call  / hospital visits 
  • Same-day appointments
$3500 / Year  *  Adults
$500 / Year * Ages <19
Monthly installments available

*Pricing subject to GST

Complex Care Plan

Geared towards individuals with multiple ongoing health concerns, who would like to focus on taking control of their health concerns, working to reversing their health conditions and preventing progression of their illnesses.

Annual Executive Exam

  • 5 hour annual exam and integrated health plan
  • Head-to-toe physical exam by your doctor
  • Nutritional assessment by dietitian
  • Functional evaluation by your kinesiologist
  • Annual blood work, EKG, cardiac stress test

Personal Health Concierge

  • Centralized health records management
  • Timely coordinated access to specialized care and diagnostics
  • Assist in any healthcare needs and question locally and internationally

Personal Physician

  • Review and reassessment of illness management
  • Same day comprehensive appointments
  • Collaboration with other healthcare professionals
  • Available by phone, email, or Skype
  • House calls

Personalized Prevention Team

  • Comprehensive annual health assessment and physical exam
  • Diet, fitness and cardiac assessment
  • Disease risk assessment and preventive screening and management plan
  • Tailored Wellness and Fitness plan geared towards risk reduction
  • Ongoing support to reach personal health goals
 $6000 / Year * Adults
Monthly installments available

* Pricing subject to GST
Personal Health Concierge & Navigator

With your personal health concierge by your side, you can be rest assured you will never have to feel lost again when it comes to any health care related issues. Your personal concierge will work with you to organize all your medical records, coordinate your care, keep you well informed, and identify the best resources. Your concierge will be there 24 hours to look after your health concerns when you are traveling, when you are working and when you are sleeping.

  • Centralized health records management and coordination
  • Healthcare navigation
  • Best resources identification
  • Timely coordinated access to specialized care and diagnostics
  • Second opinion from advanced international centers
  • Insurance and workplace negotiation
  • Assist in any healthcare needs and question locally and internationally
  • Coordinate and oversee needed care among healthcare and allied professions
  • Pre-hospital, post-hospital, nursing care management
  • Travel Health Management
Other Services

Executive Annual Physical

Your comprehensive health assessment will take you through a group of advanced sophisticated tests and assessments by a kinesiologist, dietitian, and physicians. You will meet with your physician at the end of your Comprehensive Health Assessment, to determine the best way to maintain or improve your health, and the changes you can make to help get there.

MD Weight & Fitness for Life

Physician directed team of psychologists, dietitian, Kinesiologist and personal trainers create a personalized program to help you learn the skills to loose weight, and maintain for life.

Comprehensive Cancer Screen

Using a series of advanced medical imaging, MRI, and ultrasound combined with blood, urine, and stool biomarkers supplemented by your physical examination, we can detect majority of cancers at an early stage where several options for curative treatments exists. We can in turn provide rapid access to surgical and medical treatment around the world. This is expected to translate into improved survival.
Hourly Consultations
$500 / Hour Physician (for uninsured patients)
$135 / Hour Registered Clinical Counselor
$125 / Hour Dietitian
$80 / Hour Kinesiologist
Please note that all fees charged by Preventum are strictly for services not covered by the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia (MSP), and payment of those fees does not guarantee access to insured physician services. Any medically necessary diagnostic and treatment services that may be provided by the physicians practicing at Preventum are paid for by the MSP. Preventum’s fee for your annual executive exam, whether as a standalone service or as part of a larger program, is strictly for the uninsured components.
Your Team
Your healthcare team works together to manage all aspects of your health, from disease prevention to acute care and chronic conditions.
Dr. Ali Farahani, PhD MD CCFP
Medical Director
Dr. Kenneth Brown, MD MSc FRCSC
Paediatric Orthopaedics Surgeon
Dr. Hilary Kitson, MD FRCPC
Dr. Raj Attariwala, MD PhD FRCPC
AIM Medical Imaging
Dr. Anna S. Nazif, MD, FRCPC
Kathy Poropat
Client Care & Operations Manager
Natalie Goodfellow, BKin
Susan Deslippe, BSc MCPA
Kelly Spec, RD
Spectrum Nutrition
Carolyn Berry
Registered Dietitian
Jennie Farahani, RDH
Client Care Manager
Taryn Kirkham
Client Care Coordinator
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