Wellness Services

Inner Calm-Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness coaches meet you wherever your needs are. Your mindfulness coach will show you how to reduce your stress, anxiety, and mood problems with the use of mindfulness techniques. Coaches will work with you to: refine your technique, set achievable goals, keep you motivated and personalize your practice.
$500 / 12 sessions (includes phone support)

Mobile Personal Training

Our kinesiologists and personal trainers make exercise easy. We come to you in your environment of choice and create an exercise plan that best suits your needs. We work with your schedule and the resources you have to make exercise fit seamlessly into your life.
$1000 /15 sessions

Dietician Services

At Preventum we offer an in-depth, comprehensive nutrition assessment to fully understand how food and drink fit into your everyday life. Our dietitian works with the rest of the team to create an evidence-based plan that fits your lifestyle to help you meet your goals. We make accessing our dietitian easy. Consultations can be done in person, on the phone, and through SkypeTM. You can also be in contact through e-mail.
$125 / hour

Personal Health Concierge

Centralized health record gathering and sorting and digitalizing. Coordination of private and non-medical services. Healthcare navigation and advocacy. Physician lead research.