Medical Care

We pride ourselves on upholding high quality medical care to anyone in need of immediate attention. Our goal is to increase face time with practitioners to allow time to thoroughly investigate your concerns. There is no cost for these services when and where they are covered by your provincial medical services.

As such clients requiring care for immediate health concerns can access our medical services under their provincial medical services plan (PMSP) without any extended charges. If they do not carry PMSP, or the services they are requesting is not a benefit of their PMSP, they will be charged the fee as described below prior to rendering of services.

This service is available based on availability of physicians, support staff, capacity, and safety of our clients and staff. Enrollment in the performance packages is not required in order to access our medical services, nor does it change access or priority to medically necessary services nor does it allow for any preferential treatment.

 Our clinic offers:

  • Unhurried and comprehensive visits
  • Timely access to care
  • House calls when available
  • Extensive use of technology to allow for more comprehensive visits
  • Focused, complaint-directed history and physical exam, ordering of diagnostics, and treatment plan
  • Medically necessary, symptoms based and provincial periodic exam laboratory testing (blood, urine and stool, EKG, stress testing, diagnostics),
  • Gynecology exams
  • Minor laceration treatment
  • Others…

 $250* Per 30 min consultation with physicians. 
No Charge to MSP Beneficiaries

This fee only applies if your provincial health plan does not cover you for the cost of the visit. Our staff will let you know if this will apply prior to booking you an appointment.