Complete Health Checkup

Medical Health Assessment

  • Routine annual "complete" physical examinations including detailed preventive Head to toe Physical Examination with focus on early detection of cancer, cardiovascular disease, MSK, neuro, skin, gastrointestinal and other disease
  • Detailed preventive health history review
  • Comprehensive routine preventive laboratory and diagnostic testing (blood, urine, stool, spirometry, treadmill testing) *
  • Comprehensive preventive health plan

Performance Health Assessment

  • Extensive cancer and cardiac disease risk calculation and assessment by a Physician
  • Brain, heart, lung, fitness, musculoskeletal and overall functional assessments using advanced diagnostics including treadmill testing, spirometry, cognigrams and advanced algorithms
  • Integration of gathered information to calculate your Preventum Age
  • Comprehensive self-directed lifestyle plan, and cancer, psychological and cardiac screening program, with the goal of achieving a physiological age 5 years below actual age 

Wellness Assessment

  • Stress, Sleep, exercise, nutrition, social habits assessment by Kinesiologist, Physiotherapist, Health Concierge, Dietician, and Meditation Coach

Personal Health Performance and Plan

$2000 / Year/ Adult +GST