Weight Loss for Life

A multidisciplinary, hands on, medically supervised approach to weight loss with the aim of providing you with the tools and the support to allow for long lasting physical and mental health maintenance. Preventum combines a multi-phase system where patients move through a succession of very low calories diets. In the intensive phase, the focus is on establishing routines and reducing weight by diet, which is very closely monitored and managed by a physician. The intensive phase is followed by the functional phase where behavior, exercise, and an insight into eating habits is examined; with the assistance of coaches, new routines are established. In this phase, the goal is to help individuals make optimal choices for their health. This is then followed by the maintenance phase, which is designed to support you as you take charge of your health. The different programs comprise a combination of these phases. Your initial assessment allows us and you to decide what program is best suited to you and allows us to assess your level of readiness.

Intensive & Lifestyle Program

$100 / week for 26 weeks + $250 initiation fee

Quick 10

$1000 for up to 8 weeks
* Cost of meal replacements are extra