Complete Ongoing Health Package

Premium Medical Health Exam and Care

  • "Complete" annual Physical Examination and health history review including detailed preventive Head to toe Physical Examination with focus on early detection of cancer, cardiovascular disease, MSK, neuro, skin, gastrointestinal and other disease
  • Detailed preventive health history and exam review
  • Comprehensive routine preventive laboratory and diagnostic testing (blood, urine, stool, spirometry, treadmill testing) *
  • Comprehensive preventive health plan
  • Ongoing health performance Medical care

Performance Health Care

  • Extensive cancer and cardiac disease risk calculation and assessment by a Physician
  • Brain, heart, lung, fitness, musculoskeletal and overall functional assessments using advanced diagnostics including treadmill testing, spirometry, cognigrams and advanced algorithms
  • Integration of gathered information to calculate your Preventum Age
  • Comprehensive self-directed lifestyle plan, and cancer, psychological and cardiac screening program, with the goal of achieving a physiological age 5 years below actual age

Wellness Health Care

  • Stress, sleep, exercise, nutrition, social habits assessment by Kinesiologist, Physiotherpist, Health Concierce, dietician, and Meditation Coach
  • Wellness team will work with you throughout the year to improve your wellness age
  • Access to regular appointments with Kinesiologist, Health Concierge, Dietician, and Meditation Coach

Personal Health Concierge

  • Centralized health record gathering and sorting and digitalizing
  • Coordination of private and non-medical services
  • Healthcare navigation and advocacy
  • Physician lead research

 $3500/ Year/ Adults+GST

Modified version of this program is available when combined with an adult package for $1000*/ Year/ adults Ages 20-30

$8000*/ Year / Family $500*/ Year / Children *please inquire about details